National Public Radio's All Things Considered has a habit of introducing its story subjects with descriptors like, "unusual," "curious," "intriguing," or "something that's starting a national conversation." 

So, it was perfectly fitting that All Things Considered titled one of its June 19 features, "The Unusual Success of The 'Wallace The Brave' Comic Strip." Hmmm... Very intriguing. Please tell me more. 

Click here to read or listen to Glen Weldon's fine piece about the childlike wonder and outdoorsy appeal of Will Henry's strip. Wallace The Brave, which celebrates three years in syndication on June 29, now appears in more than 100 newspapers nationwide. 

This year, Wallace the Brave is nominated for two Eisner Awards. However, its creator won't be attending the awards ceremony at San Diego's Comic-Con next month. Henry, who is a Rhode Island native, tells Weldon he has a clambake to attend instead. 

"We do a family clambake every year. And I see all my relatives, and I pig out on lobster and clams. And it's the same weekend. And, I got to tell you, it's my Christmas."

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