Sometimes, happiness is a place where your favorite comic strip characters come to life. Bonus points if you can also get a decent meal and a comfortable bed to sleep in.  

Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of Charles Schulz's beloved characters will be the focus of the Peanuts Hotel, which is scheduled to open Aug. 1 in Kobe, Japan.

Artwork of the Peanuts gang will be displayed throughout the three-story hotel. There will be a Peanuts Diner on the third floor, and the ground level will feature a Peanuts Cafe, where you can order a peanut butter milkshake or Goose Egg sliders, named after Charlie Brown's baseball team.

The Peanuts theme even includes the hotel's do-not-disturb door hangers: 


Thinking of making that trip to Kobe (as some Peanuts fans undoubtedly will do)? The Peanuts Hotel starts accepting reservations on July 9.