The Houston Chronicle has announced that Wallace the Brave will debut in the newspaper's comics page on Sunday, June 10. The strip, penned by Will Henry (William Wilson in real life) is now featured in more than 100 newspapers nationwide. 

The Chronicle wrote a nice profile piece about Wilson earlier this week, in which he explains what influenced him to create Wallace, Spud and the other free-range kids of fictional Snug Harbor. Did you know that, in addition to cartooning, Wilson runs a gourmet wine and cheese shop in Jamestown, Rhode Island? Wilson says running a shop and a popular cartoon strip isn't as busy as it sounds. 

"Eighty percent of our business (in the wine shop) is in two months. The winters are pretty darn slow. ...I do the bulk of my cartooning in the winter," he told the Chronicle

Wallace the Brave, a daily GoComics feature since 2015, published its first, eponymously titled book collection last year. Click here to order your copy.