Whether it's drinking on Fridays, traveling cross-country to two relatives' funerals or emphatically declaring herself, "this great, unstable mass of blood & foam," cartoonist Leigh Luna invites you into her life with the new webcomic, Cursed Forever. 

A weekly collection of journal comics, strips, and illustrations, Cursed Forever follows the routine and eventful exploits of Luna and her cat, Gigi (full name: Ganymede). Luna describes the strip as "a documentation of human existence, corgi butts, emotions, burritos, and magic." 

A native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Luna was first featured on GoComics as the 21-year-old creator of Clementine Fox. She's been writing and drawing comic strips since she was at least six. "The way my mother tells it, I crawled out of the womb with a crayon in my hand and immediately started drawing," Luna wrote in a 2014 "Meet Your Creator" feature

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