Having a father who doubles as a fanged creature of the night is pretty cool. But what if your vampire dad could transform himself into more than just a blood-sucking bat? What if he could become anything imaginable--from Shakespeare to a Slide 'N Slide to a Gilded Age robber baron? 

That's the magic of My Dad is Dracula, a new feature by Jason Poland. Each day, Dad arrives with the buoyant greeting, "Hi Son," but he never takes the same form twice. Unlike every other dad in the world, this Dracula is unpredictable. He can be a computer virus, a tumbleweed or a wall calendar who reminds his befuddled son of a looming deadline. My Dad is Dracula mixes playful gags with uplifting humor and the occasional bit of fatherly advice. It is the second strip on GoComics for Poland, who also creates the boy-and-robot feature Robbie and Bobby

My Dad is Dracula launched in April 2018 and runs five days a week on GoComics. Click here to see what identity Dad has taken on today.