You may know Julia Kaye from the excellently weird comic "Up and Out" she does here on GoComics and elsewhere. But did you also know she has a full-time job as an artist at a little place I like to call Disney? I've heard very good things about them, FWIW.

You may have seen the viral article on Bored Panda last year where the larger world got a look at her journal comics that chronicled her transition. 

But did you also know that today is the day that her new book (a collection of those transition comics) from our amigos at Andrews McMeel Publishing hits the streets? Well, listen to me first and believe me later because it's all true. 

"Super Late Bloomer" is Julia's autobiographical story told through her comics. At times funny, and other times heartbreaking, it's the story of someone coming to terms with who they are in a wonderfully honest and thoughtful way. Along her path, you see doubt and pain but also hope and acceptance. It's an inspiring story and Julia handles it with a deft touch, knowing when to shine some light after a dark moment. 

This isn't a book just for a specific audience, this is a warm, strong story of how one person finds herself in a complicated world. 

Slainte, Julia!

Check out Up and Out on GoComics.