If you're a long-time comics' fan you may know the story of how Charles Schulz wanted to name his seminal comic "Li'l Folks," but that his syndicate intervened and forced him to change the name to "Peanuts."

Boo, syndicate!

Or maybe I shouldn't be booing? It certainly worked out OK for everyone, but I wonder what would have happened if some other of our favorite comics had been known by another name ... would they have read so sweet? (cue dreamy music) 

So, I decided to do some research and/or take a short poll of cartoonists ... and here are either the original name and/or the runner-up name of 11 well-known comics.


1. Peanuts: "Li'l Folks" but initially "My Goodness! Would You Look at the Size of Those Impossibly Large Heads"

2. Doonesbury: "Bull Tales" but truthfully "Hippies & the Drugs They Love" 

3. Stone Soup: "Sister City," as "Estrogeniuses" was deemed too threatening to male editors

4. NonSequitur: "Bar Toons" first "Wiley's Way" second "I am Goo" never

5. Pearls Before Swine: "You're Bacon Me Crazy" "I Ham, I Said" "I'll Do Anything (to Get Myself Out of the Law Profession)"

6. Get Fuzzy: Get Funky (discarded after multiple lawsuits from a character in 'Funky Winkerbean') 

7. Foxtrot: "I'm Too Busy for This Now, John"

8. Cathy: "Kathie" and/or "Cathay"

9. Lio: "Lee O'Salem" to ingratiate himself to the syndicate boss but then "Oil!" until the Upton Sinclair estate threatened to drink our milkshakes in court

10. Prickly City: "Carmen & Ogden," "Hail, Reagan" and "There's Goldwater in Them There Hills"

11. Phoebe and Her Unicorn: "Heavenly Nostrils" and its abandoned spinoff "Ridiculously Delightful Small Intestine"