Here's a delightful newspaper story about GoComics' and North Dakota's Amanda El-Dweek. 




And when you're done reading the article, why not enjoy these five fun facts about Amanda?

1) Grew up on a farm in the Red River Valley

2) Preferred/Prefers Garfield to Archie

3) 2011 Cavalier (N.D.) County Camaro Club Newcomer of the Year

4) Married to a Judge (Dan) who's regularly featured in the comic

5) Has visited GoComics HQs


Still want more? How about five fun facts about North Dakota?

1) A Stark Consideration. Politicians in N.D. have considered removing the word "North" to rename the state to just "Dakota"

2) N.D. Pop: North Dakota has fewer people than Alaska and Narnia but more than Vermont and Wyoming

3) Famous North Dakotans include: Angie Dickinson, Wiz Khalifa and Jerry Lundegaard

4) Somebody minds their beeswax! North Dakota produces more honey than any other state in the U.S. 

5) Known by some people as "The Roughrider State" 


And finally, here are five enjoyable and recent Amanda the Great's: