The cartoonist known as Ham is ready to welcome you to Life on Earth, a new GoComics cartoon exploring the absurdity of everyday life.undefined

Ham's single-panel gags form connections between the natural world and human society, often pointing out the difference between our perceptions and reality. Ham's observations are acute enough that you may suspect he's a visitor from another world -- Life on Earth, indeed! If that sounds heavy-handed, worry not -- there's plenty of physical comedy in the mix to prevent ponderous pretense.

Life on Earth kicks off with a healthy backlog today, giving readers a chance to dive into nearly a month's worth of content on first visit. What's more, if you can read Spanish, you can get an extra dose of Life on Earth by reading its Spanish-language title, Aaggghhh. It's two comics for the price of one!

Get accustomed to Life on Earth (and/or Aaggghhh), today.