Garfield creator Jim Davis is no stranger to Marvel Comics. I personally clipped his tribute to the Fantastic Four from the newspaper back in January of 1997 and had it taped to my bedroom wall through most of jr. high. But Davis is going the extra mile on November 8th, as he and assistants Gary Barker and Dan Davis team with writer Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) for a special Galactus story in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26!

The anthology style issue gives regular series artist Erica Henderson a bit of a breather from the Eisner Award-winning series as a host of special guests lend their styles to Marvel's teen-friendly title. Collaborating with North, Davis and company will cast world-eater Galactus and his herald Silver Surfer in roles not unlike that of Garfield and his human Jon Arbuckle.


"Ryan explained to me, he wanted it to be done in our style. He likened and wrote Galactus as Garfield and Norin Radd as Jon. That determined what they were going to look like," Davis says. "When you look at the Silver Surfer, he’s 75 percent of the way there anyway with Jon, all we had to do is give him the big eyes. That was a natural. John kind of hangs around Garfield anyway, he’s the straight man to Garfield’s gags and has to get him food. He’s like Garfield’s herald. Galactus was tougher. We were throwing stuff back and forth, and the initial sketches just weren’t working for Galactus. I said okay, we gotta make him fat. The guy eats planets, for god’s sake! Once we do that, it’s a little less Galactus but certainly a lot more Garfield. It looked more natural. Obviously, Galactus has put on a few mega-tons for this strip."

You can feast your eyes on EW's preview images of the Jim Davis x Marvel Comics jam, plus his 1997 Fantastic Four homage, below.


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Garfield by Jim Davis Jan 5, 1997