undefinedLast time we chatted with New York Times bestselling Big Nate creator Lincoln Pierce, we learned more than we ever dreamed about noogies -- principally that he'd give us one if we didn't stop badgering him with noogie-related questions.

With the release of Big Nate: A Good Old Fashioned Wedgie, we decided not to tempt underwear-over-our-head fate with another Q&A session. Pierce is a busy man and we like our undies just where they are. That said, we're still very excited to tell you about the new Big Nate collection from AMP! Kids.

Weighing in at 176 pages, the latest Big Nate trade paperback stacks all your favorite strips into easy-to-read blocks. It's a special design remix that makes the collection's 6 x 9" vertical-oriented portability possible without breaking your Nate Wright reading flow.

Big Nate: A Good Old Fashioned Wedgie drops Wednesday, August 29, but you can preorder it now. It's cool to grab your own copy, but as with wedgies, it's sometimes better to give one to a deserving party.