My good friend Brice once told me, "Never speak in extremes."

Brice, I am sorry, but I am afraid that I must! Poncho from Paul Gilligan's Pooch Cafe is in plush form and for sale! For real!

You, dear reader, are compelled by my spirit to act now! We are running out of inventory and we will not be restocking! This sassy little friend instantly livens up even the most boring conversation you're having with your co-worker Shena. You can now easily pretend that she's invisible and it's just you and Poncho and the rest of the world simply falls away. Just 32 left!

We guaranteee results ... EVERY TIME!

And get this! He's only $10. What the? Is there some sort of madman/woman making the pricing decisions here? Hurry before we come to our senses!

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