YouTube user Lasagna Cat has been paying homage to Garfield for some time now, so it's only natural that the memetic tribute to Jim Davis' famous orange feline would eventually manifest into one of the most profound commitments to comedy in known spacetime. Little did we know that the inspiration for this feat would be the time on July 27, 1978, when Garfield stole Jon's pipe.




We present, for your consideration, one of the most honest and accurate YouTube video descriptions ever conceived by the human species:

"Jim Davis tribute set to the entire original motion picture score of "Kundun" by Philip Glass featuring the philosophical musings of John Blyth Barrymore."

Behold the wonderment: 




Depending on how much of your life you've devoted to Scorsese films, Zeke from Kung Fu, Philip Glass, or frankly, cartoon cats, your mileage may vary. What won't vary, however, is the eternity that is Garfield.