In an age of misdirection and disinformation, it's important to vet the subjects of blog posts and fact-check their statements. In this case, we're talking about the rad Michael Sweater and his equally rad new GoComics series Please Keep Warm. Independent analysis from multiple sources has already confirmed that it's a sweet, character-driven comedy starring four furry friends who share a house and sometimes talk to crust punks, trucker-hat-wearing birds, and lizards. There's always more to the story, though, so we dug... deeper.




Sweater's initial series description read, "'Please Keep Warm' is a comic about friendship, overcoming depression, finding your place in the world, and also sometimes black metal. It is drawn by Michael Sweater who used to be a baby."

We worked the phones and yes, the above statements are VERIFIED. This emoji checkmark is even weighing in. ✅

However, there's still the matter of the NEW series description, which reads, "'Please Keep Warm' is essentially the television show 'Friends' but with references to The Cure. Covering exciting subjects like not having an idea for a novel, showing a child how to play 'Doom II,' and not knowing what day of the week 'Silicon Valley' comes on."

More digging and, again, VERIFIED. ✅




What else can we verify about Please Keep Warm?

Please Keep Warm will run every weekday in full color, delivering a daily dose of heart and humor for a generation that understands '70s punk references as well as early 2000s screamo angst. For anyone who wore American Apparel before they went out of business -- or even just people who can relate to coming to terms with their own creativity, PKW will have you wondering "Where has this comic been all my life?"

The only thing we couldn't verify in our write-up of PKR is whether Michael Sweater has evolved into an actual sweater over time... We'll follow up.

You can start reading Please Keep Warm today, and subscribe to continue please keeping warmer all week long.