Fake internet holidays can seem trivial, but on January 4, they're trivia! That's right, it's National Trivia Day, and while the dictionary doesn't provide a very flattering definition for trivia (unimportant?! Who do Meriam and/or Webster think they are?), around these parts we're rather fond of it all the same. In fact, since May of 2012, GoComics has been home to Trivquiz, a daily trivia cartoon by the prolific Steve McGarry.

Here's some trivia: which GoComics creator currently illustrates four ongoing series?

If you answered "Steve McGarry," you are so right that it's almost wrong.

In addition to Trivquiz, McGarry is also behind Badlands, Biographic and KidTown. What can we say? When it comes to Steve, the four the merrier.

Now that your brain is one fun fact stronger, we encourage you to take the time to tackle our hearty backlog of Trivquiz strips. It's pop culture fun for all ages, plus, nobody will judge you if you cheat using Wikipedia. At least for today. Starting tomorrow, you'll be getting some serious side-eye ...

Here are the Trivquiz entries that debuted on National Trivia Day in years previous to get you started. Be sure to check out today's entry to complete the 5fecta.


Trivquiz by Steve McGarry January 04, 2013



Trivquiz by Steve McGarry January 04, 2014



Trivquiz by Steve McGarry January 04, 2015



Trivquiz by Steve McGarry January 04, 2016