Every couple experiences a bit of an adjustment period when they first shack up, but for In Security stars Sam and Sedine, life as 20-something newlyweds may take longer to get used to than either of them bargained for.




Created by cartoonist Bea R., In Security follows the duo through the highs and lows of relocating to a new suburb while getting used to their partner's idiosyncrasies. It won't happen overnight, but that's a good thing when you're creating a comic strip that runs every Monday through Saturday, plus one Sunday strip per month -- especially if you've already planned content out through the 2017 holiday season!

At her DeviantArt page, Bea R. breaks down how she went from drawing a One Piece fan comic in 2008 (creator Eiichiro Oda's art has been a big influence) to teaming with her husband to pursue an ongoing comic strip starring her own original characters. Sedine alone went through nearly 20 design revisions between 2010 and today as Bea R. decided on a look and characterization that would best serve her team-up with her security guard husband Sam.

"'In Security' first appeared as character drawings in 2015," Bea R. told GoComics, "I didn’t have anything more developed until late that year, when I decided to make 20 comic strips out of it. It was to be an art and writing exercise for my portfolio. Since the beginning of 2016, I have made 150 finished, inked strips, and I have 50 more strips done as full-sized marker roughs. Writing and ideas have been fleshed out beyond what is finished. Possibly several years in the future have already been planned."

You can see the fruits of several years of development at the In Security page today.