Political cartoonist Keith Knight, creator of GoComics staple The K Chronicles, is known for bringing conversations about race and social justice to the forefront of American discourse with his work. His comics range from single-panel commentary to sequential stories that address everything from police brutality to white privelage and the importance of acknowledging history. His comics also discuss David Bowie, moving, snacks, family and all of the other connective tissue that reminds readers that at the heart of every social issue aren't talking heads, but actual human beings.

PRI's The World recently interviewed Knight, who discussed how the contrast between American and global cultures has shaped his point of view, why he chose cartooning for his profession, and how he thinks things may be moving forward. In true cartoonist fashion, he also discusses how essential communicating ideas through art is.

"It really is a way for me to express myself and to keep me from going crazy," Knight told PRI.

You can read PRI's full interview with Knight here, and watch a video segment by ConnectEd Studios below: