Over the past year, we at GoComics have pushed ourselves to build the best possible new site, which translates to delivering the best possible First impressions matter, so we worked hard to deliver a better way to read, share and engage with your favorite comics and their creators. We think it shows. But you know what? We can't spell "user experience" without "u." And your experience is what the new site is all about.

And that's the beauty of a beta! You get to break a few of our eggs so we can make the best possible omelette... or whatever food-based proverb about breaking things down to build them back up you prefer.



So now's your chance. We know we're beta together, so we're asking for your feedback.

Click here to take our user survey.

Your input is crucial to our quest to make the new GoComics its best. We're listening and will keep working to ensure 2017 is the year of GC.