A special message from The Wandering Melon and his friends at Nimble Collective




Nimble Collective is as proud as punch (melon punch, perhaps?) to present Mike Shiell's "Melon Shorts" . Mike has teamed up with Nimble Collective to breathe life into his eclectic cast of characters with a series of animation shorts based on his The Wandering Melon single panel gag comics. You can check out "Melon Shorts" by visiting Nimble Collective's website.

"This was a collaborative effort, along with Mike's animator, Everett Newell, that took many hours of emails, video conferencing, and working separately to complete - even for these few seconds of material. But it turned out well. I think it keeps the funny going." - Todd Waring, actor and writer.


"Nimble Collective is a great place for people to meet, to build teams, and to create and distribute their work. In my case, we were very quickly able to put a team together of very super talented people who got the project, wanted to be a part of it, and came in with their own skill sets and definitely added to the final product. I couldn't be happier with the results." - Mike Shiell, creator of The Wandering Melon.

Watch The Wandering Melon's shorts here!

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