Mar 23, 2014
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Steve McGarry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry's work has ranged from the critically acclaimed to the critically panned.  

She is one of only four actresses, along with Faye Dunaway, Liza Minnelli and Sandra Bullock, to win both an Academy Award for best actress and a Razzie Award for worst actress.

She has also enjoyed tremendous box-office success - her movies have so far grossed approximately three billion dollars worldwide!

Born on Auguest 14, 1966, Halle Maria Berry was named after the landmark Halle's Department Store in her native Cleveland, Ohio.  Success in beauty pageants, including Miss USA and Miss World, led her to finding work as a model, which brought her to the attention of casting directors.  in 1989, she landed a regular role in the short-lived TV show "Living Dolls," a spin-off from the sitcom "Who's the Boss?"

Her breakthrough role came two years later in Spike Lee's "Jungle Fever."  Subsequent roles displayed her versatility, from the light romance of "Boomerang" and the slapstick humor of "The Flintstones" to the drama of "Losing Isaiah."  She received widespread acclaim for her portrayal of a slave in the TV miniseries "Queen," and the 19999 TV movie "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" earned her a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award.

In 2002, her performance in the harrowing "Monster's Ball" saw Halle become the first African-American woman to win the best actress Academy Award.

In contrast, her starring role in the 2004 flop "Catwoman" earned her the Razzie for worst actress, an award she good-humoredly accepted in person...while clutching her Oscar statuette!

Box-office success came with the James Bond movie "Die Another Day" and the "X-men" movie series.  More recent films include "Cloud Atlas" and "The Call."  This May, she reprises her Ororo Munroe/Storm role for a fourth time in the epic "X-men: Days of Future" before returning to the small screen this summer as the star of Steven Spielberg's new sci-fi TV series "Extant" which will air on CBS.
Apr 6, 2014
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