About Ask a Portly Syndicate Person

Yes, people. I am here to pull the curtain back. I’m here to show you what those suits on the 6th floor here (and in those big NYC media conglomerates) don’t want you to see. I am here to turn the spotlight on those morally questionable wolves who do their best work in the shadows. Wolves who pull the strings on us marionette writers. Wolves who insert their hands into our puppet cartoonist friends.


Interesting to note, I once made friends with an actual wolf and I called him "Wolfy" … but that’s a story for another time. Let's get back to the rant. 


Information is power! And too many of these media companies prey on the good will, poor fashion sense and homespun naivete of cartoonists. And I am here, I am here, lard almighty, I am here! I am here to cast off the chains from the ivory towers that stand on our throats and only let us breath so they can squeeze every last penny out of us and then throw us on the trash heap of comics. 


Well, not me! DO you hear me!? Not me! And Not now! And I am not going to rest until the streets run black with the ink of their pens.



J. Francis Glynn

 * This is a parody account and all information and opinions given in this feature are for 'entertainment' purposes only. The views expressed and the irresponsible and immature statements made are not reflective of Andrews McMeel Universal, its Vice Chairman John Glynn, and the awful suits on the 6th floor. (Vice Chairman? Really?)

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