Alley Oop by Jonathan Lemon and Joey Alison Sayers for April 06, 2019


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  1. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  7 months ago

    Alternate Alley Oop Chapter 23 “Alley Oop Space Rebel” (568) 4/6/2019 Saturday


    Violet has them on long range sensors and they are closing fast. Something is not right.

    “Captain, these are not reading as Imperial interceptors!”

    “Do you have their configuration yet, Night 2!”

    “I do…now. You won’t believe it!”

    The vaguely mayfly insect shapes are not HAE design.

    “What about that main ship??” Night 1 asks Night 2.

    “It is not a D class 5R Star Destroyer. That is for sure.” Night 2 replied.(The most recent iteration of the standard Star Destroyer first fielded to wipe out Afghanistan to make it suitable for extensive mining in 2022 by the new regime.)

    “It is definitely alien, the FTL profile is different from our own. Not of Empire manufacture.” She was certain.

    Night 2 does finally find out what they are. And she hardly believes it. “Sir, they are of Haterakan make.”

    “Impossible!” Was the captain’s comment.

    Lumbaga created by John Keith Laumer for the novel, “Retief’s Ransom”. Haterakans from “Retief & the War Lords”.

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  2. Img 6884
    Rod Gonzalez  7 months ago

    G. M. O. T. !

    On to Florida.

    Swamps full of weird stuff abound.

    Not for Oop or Doc.


    Well, Monday can’t come soon enough.

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  3. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  7 months ago

    4/6/2019 “Oli Oli Oxenfree” (2019)

    Filodor holds the large shell like a shot putter, he did do so in high school. He just needs to get into the mouth and throat in the hopes of choking the thing. All that without getting bitten and swallowed along with it. He can see it through the nettles and honey suckle. A large mostly white shape not too far away from him.The nettles are his only protection.

    Alley and Jon Dravin are playing tag with the other one. The one that Alley had only nicked with the Anzio when he had taken it and fire it. For so large a creature it can move with astonishing speed.

    Hovering near Dr Lectaire orders one of his hovercrafts to find the other one while he and the remaining one move in to hit the experiment from two sides. They are armed with the kind of stunners used by the A.R.C. to do so for specimens they want to return alive to their time, large ones. He would rather have these two alive.

    The Seventh Voyage: The Land of the Cyclopes (801 A.D.)

    Wave after wave of blue Perytons come through trying to get at the humans on board to be “whole” again. The two in their fortified crow’s nests are being hit hard as the Perytons attempt to dislodge their covers to kill the humans within.At the same time the use of spears, swords and crossbow bolts don’t seem to be hurting them much. A few men have fallen and the Peryton smashed them into the deck then flew off now a glossy green in color and making sounds they interpret as laughter, joyous laughter at their success.

    The probes being used by Doc Wonmug and Dr Cox also calibrated for the soul energy—life forces and see something remarkable…

    Historian Dr Cox & with Doc Wonmug in the present.

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  4. Kohaku kart icon 0001
    AnyFace  7 months ago
    ”And So, Our Heroes’ Quest Had Ended.” ✨
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  5. Kisspng scrooge mcduck huey dewey and louie uncle scrooge 5ae58324535f82.2621732715249907563415  2
    Unca $crooge  7 months ago

    So has the “damaged timeline” just been forgotten?

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  6. Tracy
    coratelli  7 months ago

    Three months of nothing.

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  7. Nc190902
    some idiot from R'lyeh Premium Member 7 months ago is always worth a visit.

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  8. Rick
    davidf42  7 months ago

    Morning, Oopsters!

    Today’s link.

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  9. Missing large
    mommavamp  7 months ago

    I have lived in Florida, and the cockroaches really are that big!

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  10. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member 7 months ago

    But Alley, Disney World is down there! Surely The Magic Kingdom may hold as much allure for you as….some old libtary?The OLD Alley ‘n Oolah would’ve been scorching a direct path to there at the first mention!

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  11. Missing large
    paul98p Premium Member 7 months ago

    This is NOT Alley Oop anymore. Maybe a fair Abbot and Costello, but I can’t imagine what the Go Comics people were thinking in completely wiping out the original comic. The strip has survived several different writers but won’t survive this change.

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  12. Picture
    HenryMixon  7 months ago

    Worse and worser!

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  13. Img 20170504 193919352
    chief  7 months ago

    They do have some big cockroaches down there, but not that big.

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  14. Kisspng scrooge mcduck huey dewey and louie uncle scrooge 5ae58324535f82.2621732715249907563415  2
    Unca $crooge  7 months ago

    Doc has morphed into Crankshaft. Sigh.

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  15. Wootietootlight1
    Wootietoot  7 months ago

    Enough with the slapstick “gags” and erstwhile “jokes”, where’s the adventure?

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  16. Missing large
    oakie817  7 months ago

    fourth panel: Ooola in bikini on Miami Beach

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  17. Picture
    LeeAkersSr.  7 months ago

    I’ve been following Ally Oop since the 1940s. As I recall, Doc Wonmug’s time machine was in Florida.

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  18. Caracal cub
    Nun'Ya Bidness™  7 months ago


    Doc Wonmug has schlepped all the way back to prehistoric Moo, snagged Alley Oop and Ooola, brought them to the time of when the Doc made his most favoritest in the whole world mix tape of Duran Duran, found that it had been . . . tape-napped with the ransom being “Get me these 3 things and I’ll give your precious tape back to you”.

    Then he put them all on a Slow Bus to DC, conned the President of the U.S. into letting them fly to California on the president’s aircraft, did the touristy thing, broke into and out of the office of the future computer game guru, wowed said future guru with a “smart cell phone” and walked off with the (copy of, we hoped) master disc of the big money making game.

    All, so far, for the love of his beloved Duran Duran mix tape.

    And now he abandons his quest because of the rumour of BIG BUGS?

    Well, maybe he is just pausing to find his Roach Stolmping Boots?

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  19. Inkblot2
    Ink blot Premium Member 7 months ago

    Today’s H:H index (Hearters vs. Hecklers) = 3 to 1.

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  20. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  7 months ago

    The question is, will the numbers balance out for those new to this liking its light frivolous tone?

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  21. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  7 months ago

    Current numbers registered::: 22,894

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  22. P 20190118 110012
    David Huie Green  5 months ago

    The one I killed here in Florida last night couldn’t have been even three inches. I killed it before it grew up.

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