Adam@Home for February 21, 2010


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  1. Woody with beer
    WoodEye  over 8 years ago

    Better than instant coffee!

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  2. Avatarsquare
    Kaytebb  over 8 years ago

    SCORE!! Take that cell phone guy!! lol

    You know I had a lady do something similar to me at a Skippers, this lady with one of those cell phone ear pieces cut in front of us and then got rude afterward and such. It’s a good thing I saw the cell phone thing on her ear cause later she started talking out of the blue and without the ear piece I would have assumed she was talking to herself (and even these days you can’t assume it’s a cell phone thing!) and right as I was passing her table to leave she half stood up and screamed, “I SAID I GOT TUNA FISH!!” The whole restaurant nearly keeled over laughing. ;)

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  3. Missing large
    dante.deangelo  over 8 years ago

    I love this. Getting cut in line has always been a major pet peeve of mine. It’s the ultimate in self-interest.

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  4. Missing large
    terrencestamp90346  over 8 years ago

    Ahhh … if only life worked like this.

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  5. Love triumphs
    Donna Haag GC Insider over 8 years ago

    As a barista, if I see the offense, I always give the victim their drink free and usually give the one who cuts decaf.

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  6. 3756 amazon rainforest 14
    Space Captain Cody(G GC Insider over 8 years ago

    iamtxmilady, give yourslf something delux while your at it!! You are worth a good tip.

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  7. Opus45
    poppy1313  over 8 years ago

    I wonder do they have instant konia

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  8. Palms too
    pearlandpeach  over 8 years ago

    iamtxmilady, you are worth a VERY good tip.

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  9. B w catpaw
    joefish25  over 8 years ago

    flick a booger in his coffee next time

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  10. Grim sm blue eyes
    LuvH8  over 8 years ago


    This is exactly why I am always nice to people who are preparing thing I plan to ingest. You truly give them the bad coffee? Oooooooooh! Pure Evil Genius!

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  11. Cheetah crop 2
    benbrilling  over 8 years ago

    I used to know a lady who worked at a printing company. She told me they always gave discounts to their nice customers and never to their rude customers.

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  12. Wolf3
    COWBOY7 GC Insider over 8 years ago

    Even you can have instant karma, Adam!

    iamtxmilady–Very nice gesture indeed!

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  13. Getfuzzy rob
    WyattMute  over 8 years ago

    Good for Adam! If someone came between me and my coffee (assuming it was morning) that bluetooth device would become permanently tethered to that guys colon.

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  14. Magdalena
    Furienna  over 8 years ago

    Actually, I don’t think he ever found out about Adam’s coffee being free, as he was talking on his cell phone.

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  15. Duke thumb
    -DukeNukem-  over 8 years ago

    He should have just married a can of coffee.

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  16. Album cover
    kfaatz925  over 8 years ago

    Loved this one! iamtxmilady, cheers!

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