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  1. Mr Blawt

    Mr Blawt said, about 1 month ago

    No time like the present. It has been 2 or 3 days – if that. Let’s hope we can start reaching out across aisles and coming together. For safer communities and for the lives of police officers.

  2. rossevrymn

    rossevrymn GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 month ago

    I don’t get the crack.

  3. William Bednar

    William Bednar GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 month ago

    Yeah, that’s about as far back their memories go.

  4. Mr Blawt

    Mr Blawt said, about 1 month ago


    “Historical” usually means something in the past. They are apologizing for the old ways, when they have yet to come up with new ways (as in new ways to do a traffic stop for a man without him ending up dead due to skin color)

  5. agrestic

    agrestic said, 28 days ago


    It means that the mistreatment of communities of color is ongoing.

  6. Mr Blawt

    Mr Blawt said, 27 days ago


    much more concise than my ramblings :D

  7. agrestic

    agrestic said, 22 days ago

    @Mr Blawt

    Yeah, but the fuller explanation is useful too!

  8. Mr Blawt

    Mr Blawt said, 16 days ago

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8gWyy18P2o – I know its been up for a while but I just found it so its new to me. Very cool Keith!

  9. Gary Gerken

    Gary Gerken GoComics PRO Member said, 2 days ago

    Now perhaps spokesmen for the “people of color” can apologize for all the crimes committed by “people of color” against our greater communities.

  10. agrestic

    agrestic said, 1 day ago

    @Gary Gerken

    What the heck are you even talking about? Or are you just channeling the white supremacist Breitbart?

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