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Ted Rall

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  1. jackson49

    jackson49 said, about 3 years ago

    the “tea party” is no different than royal ecos, with; small is beautiful: everything from gop/teabaggers; “big is BAAAAAAD”.,(see tory sarin palin) .
    They both attack the ability for the Republic to USE, raise capital.
    By them, the only “permitted, allowed” use is in large, huge, double bleeding wars for royal oil.
    ON that they are both silent, and warmongers in deed.
    While ecos are not allowed or permitted to think national-wide,
    ’think/act locally"(sic), the tea party only allows attacks on federal government, size and developments-EXCEPT paying military contractors and buying bombs, or increasing the interest on the debt for the bankers.

    Ted, who is the mystery person who bought a BILLION dollar short on the U$D last week? .

    Today on eve of shut down, the tories/gop are “concerned” and passing bills FOR “military contractors” so they get paid(their “CONSTITUENTS”)…they have secured food stamps for MALL -WORT, now they begin to devalue the dollar. ..(again) under Obama, USDx is 83.xxxx under Bush; 73.xxxx…

  2. pirate227

    pirate227 said, about 3 years ago

    According to tigger there are tea party democrats, or was that harley? Meh, doesn’t matter.

  3. Baleine

    Baleine said, about 3 years ago

    Um, no.

    A willingness to shutdown the government and a likely willingness default on national loans which would threaten the economic stability of every nation that has strong ties to the US dollar potentially putting millions of people around the world out of work is not a democracy.

    That is suicidally insane

  4. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe GoComics PRO Member said, about 3 years ago

    You described President Obama to the letter

    That’ll get a rise out of the Gaunt. /sarcasm

  5. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe GoComics PRO Member said, about 3 years ago

    The Tea Party congressmen are going to have a rough time in 2014, when their deep pockets donors flee from this debacle. Even the US Chamber of Commerce wants them to back off.


  6. jrmerm

    jrmerm said, about 3 years ago

    yes. Marxism triumphs. Wonderful.

  7. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe GoComics PRO Member said, about 3 years ago

    They do love the high tech weapons and surveillance gadgets.

    Gaunt, I think that some of the Tea Party Republicans are sincere enough in their Libertarian beliefs about keeping government out of our business, to work with on this. Liberal Democrats have been getting actual support from Tea Party members who think Civil Liberties extend beyond the 2nd Amendment.


    The interesting thing will be seeing how many real Tea Party members are left in 2014. Between their distaste for neocon Imperialism & willingness to see the government default on debt, they are not going to get the same kind of support from deep pockets donors they got in 2010 & 2012.

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