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Ted Rall

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  1. Michael wme

    Michael wme said, 3 days ago

    Most of Obama’s critics know that he’s a Muslim from Kenya, since his REAL birth certificate says Oahu, and we know that nowhere in America has more vowels than consonants in its name.

    But Mr Rall’s criticisms of President Obama were previously based on more pedestrian facts. Until today.

  2. phredturner

    phredturner said, 3 days ago

    Beige suits him

  3. jrmerm

    jrmerm said, 2 days ago

    The world might be better off if certain people were busy doing non-destructive/non-productive things. If Hitler had made it through art school history might have been very different. I still haven’t figured out what good Facebook is for. Someone will explain to me what I can do with it and I ask “why would I want to do that” and they get a blank look on their face.

  4. Cerabooge

    Cerabooge said, 2 days ago

    Michael wme: Yes, it’s khaki, but is it khaki? It’s the khaki color, but is it khaki material, as in cotton or a cotton/polyester blend? Color choices are generally irrelevant, but a material choice could actually be a political statement.

  5. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 2 days ago

    @Michael wme

    Yes, people can fixate on the most mundane and inconsequential things to hide from a more monstrous reality.

  6. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 2 days ago


    Color versus content. Is it that important? Since the hullabaloo was all about the color, not the content. Superficialities on parade.

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