1. Img 4008
    Thuja  7 days ago

    That’s a good one, Ted!

  2. Missing large
    GreggW gc insider 6 days ago

    More precisely, “The Resistance” are mainly neoliberals (Elizabeth Warren is one of the few who isn’t) Democrat or otherwise who in Congress haven’t done a damn thing to prevent the confirmation of any of Trump’s swamp creature nominees from being confirmed because, their reasoning or rather excuse goes, Trump could nominate someone even worse. Interestingly this same “resistance” which claims to be so much against Trump’s authoritarianism has come up with the idea of heavily fining and/or sending to prison anyone who supports the BDS movement against Israel.

  3. Young wmb
    wmbrainiac  6 days ago

    If only the center right actually involved any center!

  4. U joes mint logo rs 192x204
    Uncle Joe gc insider 6 days ago

    Still working hard at dividing the left, I see…

  5. Missing large
    Harley Davidstein  6 days ago

    Left, Right, whatever. Tired of Tags. The President is a Nut Job, he’s gotta go! Exit Left or Right.

  6. Images
    Striped Cat  6 days ago

    Both parties have moved so far to the right that Eisenhower looks like a center-left-Dem and Teddy Roosevelt is a wild radical somewhere to the left of Bernie Sanders.

  7. 3 ghostkeeper
    ghostkeeper  6 days ago

    Okaaaaaaay, Rail, aren’t you maybe attacking the wrong side, hmmmm?

  8. Missing large
    bcr131  6 days ago

    “It’s a smug euphemism for center-right Democrats who resent that Hillary Clinton lost.” The real irony here is with Hillary, we’d be in just as much conflict and corruption as we are with Trump. Corporate greed was the only interest that won in this last election. The people never had a choice with their interests first and foremost.

  9. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  6 days ago

    “Oh mug Gawd, that librul’z got a GUN! Shoot him! Shoot him now! Only ’Murricans can have guns, not librulz!”

  10. Missing large
    jvscanlan gc insider 6 days ago

    Hillary wasn’t idealogically pure enough for Ted Rall. Way go to Ted, you’ve shown us what happens when we can’t compromise

  11. Pine marten3
    martens  4 days ago

    Hey, all you Bernie bros and sisters, think about what you’re setting up by your intransigence:

    Either learn to compromise or get really used to losing on a permanent basis.

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