Nov 19, 2013
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november skywatch
the november sky is chock full of fascinating objects & phenomena sure to delight even the most finicky stargazer. it is, really, i swear! just look at all those constellations 'n' stuff! that one looks like a tuba, kind of, doesn't it? in early november there'll be a lunar eclipse! that'll be fun, right?

euphonium sluggo the walker lunar eclipse
reflux gravlax bellicose

and sometime in mid-november the leonid meteor shower will dazzle us with hundreds of pretty meteors going woosh across th- what, you're just going to lie there? c'mon, get up, you're missing it!
man: no.

on thanksgiving, the underdog ballon from the macy's parade, accidentally released by inept balloon handlers will soar across the night sky & be attacked by an angry flcok of canadian geese. the resulting explosion of feathers & scraps of underdog will be clear-ly visible f
man: what?
ha! sucker! made you look!
Nov 25, 2013
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