Apr 25, 2013
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ask mr. questionable

dear mr. questionable,
what is pollen anyway? i really hate it. -really hates pollen
dear h.p.,
pollen, also known as tree dander, flower soot & shrub schmutz, is that little floaty stuff that gets up your nose & makes you miserable and turns your car yellow. when dino-saurs roamed the earth some time ago pollen often got as large as decorative throw cushions! yikes! hope this helps!

dear mr. questionable,
my child, age 5 1/2, always smells like styrofoam. why? -arlington mom
dear a.m.,
she could be artificial. have you checked? read my book "coping with relatives who smell fakey."

dear mr. questionable,
is "cankersaur" a funny name for a dinosaur? - wondering in d.c.
dear wondering,
and how!

dear carolyn,
my fiance hates my new boyfriend. they fight constantly! what should i do? -on the wrong page
dear o.w.p.,
i'd laugh real hard. see my new book "coping with the misfortunes of others through laughter."

dear mr. questionable,
i got my cat fixed and now when i put it in neutral it makes a funny noise, like "rrangharghangarngh." what's wrong? -cat owner
dear c.o.,
it's diettary or the idle's set too low. is the cat foreign or domesticated?

local woman turns forty
May 2, 2013
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