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  1. ekw commented on Beardo about 9 hours ago

    Imma let you finish, but . . .

  2. ekw commented on One Big Happy about 9 hours ago

    a $1 tip is customary.

  3. ekw commented on Beardo 1 day ago

    so cappuccino and latte are the same thing?

  4. ekw commented on Ham Shears 4 days ago

    but Ham has left the farm for adventures in the big city.
    did he expect nothing would change?

  5. ekw commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    never heard of it.
    I was reminded of “will to power”

  6. ekw commented on Loose Parts 4 days ago

    I’m kind of grossed out.

  7. ekw commented on Ten Cats 5 days ago

    Linda was a regular poster on this page.

  8. ekw commented on Rabbits Against Magic 6 days ago

    a Vespa with a sidecar ?!?!?

  9. ekw commented on Ham Shears 7 days ago

    perhaps they should buy the farm.

  10. ekw commented on Brewster Rockit 7 days ago

    I can clearly see Brewster’s nuts.