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  1. LameRandomName commented on Frazz about 10 hours ago

    I remember being taught science…

    First, you have an idea.
    Then you develop a theory and a model.
    Then you figure out a way to test the theory. You model it, observe it, whatever is appropriate…
    If your model produces predictions which are turn out to be false then either your theory or your model is wrong/broken.

    Whatever happened to that concept…?

  2. LameRandomName commented on Doonesbury about 10 hours ago

    Thank you for reminding us that it was a Progressive who put the Japanese in Concentration Camps.

  3. LameRandomName commented on Doonesbury about 10 hours ago


    When was that?

  4. LameRandomName commented on Doonesbury about 10 hours ago

    I can’t tell…
    Do you honestly believe what you just said is true or are you making an intentional misrepresentation?

  5. LameRandomName commented on Shoe 1 day ago

    I’ve been rejected by better looking women than you!

    And worse looking, shorter, taller, darker, lighter….

  6. LameRandomName commented on Frazz 1 day ago


  7. LameRandomName commented on Shoe 5 days ago

    Wouldn’t that actually be an advertising expense?

  8. LameRandomName commented on Non Sequitur 5 days ago

    Your auditor wants to review your political affiliations before he begins. He seems to feel it might be… helpful.

  9. LameRandomName commented on Doonesbury 5 days ago

    Good point.

    But that usually only works if you’re a hetero male. Otherwise the idea of mixing all those fabrics and colors in warm water and with powdered detergent is cringeworthy.

  10. LameRandomName commented on Shoe 6 days ago

    Why not?