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  1. 2 days ago on Dick Tracy

    It seems the feeling is mutual between those two!

    “Can’t live, if living is without you!”


  2. 2 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Dick can’t decide if he’s hot or cold. He keeps wearing then taking off his trench coat! LOL!

  3. 2 days ago on Dick Tracy

    My how quickly the secretary has recovered from being unconscious due to smoke inhalation!

  4. 3 days ago on Dick Tracy

    now I need a nap!

    I’m tired of all Av’s crap!


  5. 3 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Fireman Jim shut his eyes all the way

    While shooting water all through the long day

    Unfortunately for him all he had was bad luck

    So his hose was directed towards his own fire truck

    Oh well he figured, at least I’ll save time

    Removing all the dirt, the grease and the grime

    Meanwhile Da Man with the heart of pure gold

    Wasn’t about to wait for the word to be told

    As the duo emerged with their bundles so large

    It was simple to see which one was in charge

    How this story will end might be open for debate

    But I’m certain that Blackjack will accept what’s his fate

    The path towards what’s good can be littered with much pain

    But the end of this road will be for everyone’s gain.

  6. 3 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Let’s make it an even 100!

  7. 4 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Gee little timmy, doesn’t it hurt your hand to pat yourself on the back so much? LOL!

  8. 4 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Hailed as a hero

    This heist was a zero

    I give you a C for this, but a A+ for the rest. Overall a splendid job little timmy! Well done!

  9. 4 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Hey guys, Fiddler asked me not to bother you anymore. He said I was embarrassing him but I said you’re all family! LOL!

    He had a trat wash and biopsy done yesterday and the vet will call him in a week with the results. Here’s the link to his page. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to his care!

  10. 4 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Mayor Armstrong’s gonna give Blackjack the key to the city!Tracy’s going to leave the back door of his car open and close his eyes!