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  1. about 20 hours ago on Cathy

    If the nursing home(s) don’t get it all first!

  2. 1 day ago on Cathy

    Oh, and by the way ….. wait until a baby is thrown into the mix. When that happens, you really won’t have any extra money to put towards retirement then, either! :-/

  3. 2 days ago on Cathy

    Are the two of you kidding me? You’re spending WAY more money than you’re saving. Retirement? Traveling? Now? LOL!!!!! Brace yourselves because I’ve got news for you: if you keep going the way you are now and don’t change your spending habits, the BOTH of you will be working until the day ….. you ….. die! Retirement? That’s rich. Thanks for my biggest laugh today (so far)! ;-)


    Hi, rgcviper! :-)


    Hello and Happy Thursday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope everyone had a really nice day today! :-)

  4. 2 days ago on Reality Check

    Don’t you mean “McGruffy-wuffy”? ;-)

    Oh, well. While the board is (partially) down, might as well take a break and go “tinky poo-poo” before getting back to work re-stringing the red yarn all over again (if the cat will even let him, that is). ;-)

  5. 2 days ago on Stone Soup Classics

    When kids are involved, careful consideration should always be given when you’re bringing another person into the mix — and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman or a man who’s “overthinking it.”

    It’s one thing for you to choose the wrong mate if it’s just you by yourself (which is bad enough). But it’s an entirely different matter altogether when they’re the wrong “parent” for your child too.

  6. 4 days ago on Cathy

    His breath wasn’t “deep enough” and his silence wasn’t “quiet enough”? O.M.G. I’d say “Poor Irving” but it’s really hard to feel sorry for someone that dated a nut-job like Cathy off and on for years then purposely married her anyhow when he should have ran like the wind in the opposite direction instead! :-P


    Hi, rgcviper! :-)


    Hello and Happy Tuesday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope everyone had a really nice day today! :-)

  7. 4 days ago on Stone Soup Classics

    That the kids will either sneak in there to watch t.v. when no one is looking or, with enough begging and pleading, Granny will just flat out welcome them in to watch whatever they want behind their mother’s back whenever she’s not home? (After all, grandmother’s do like to spoil their grandchildren you know!)


    But I fully agree that just because Val doesn’t want her kids watching t.v., that shouldn’t mean that Joan and her mother aren’t allowed to watch t.v. either — especially in their own rooms if that’s what they want to do.

  8. 4 days ago on Stone Soup Classics

    I can give up almost everything I watch on t.v. these days except Jeopardy! ;-)

  9. 6 days ago on Garfield

    Mmmmmmmmmmm ………. donuts. Raspberry jelly-filled, PLEASE!!!!! ;-)

  10. 7 days ago on Cathy

    I don’t blame her. If that were me I’d go ahead and take the $30.00 too, because I consider my time to be a whole lot more valuable than that. Better to just take the money offered now and move on with life rather than quibble over possibly getting a few dollars more at some point in the distant future.


    Hi, rgcviper! :-)

    lightenup: Glad to hear your budget presentation went well but very sorry to hear about the bone spurs. What does your doctor have to say about it? Would surgery help? I can totally sympathize with you because I’ve had plantar fasciitis for a little over 20 years now and know full well how difficult life can be when you’ve got pain in your feet. Short of surgery, I’ve done everything I can and have just learned to live with it but it’s not always easy. Hopefully there’s help for you though. Just know that I’m thinking about you, Sis, and I hope your feet get to feeling better again soon!


    Hello and Happy Saturday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope everyone’s been having a really great weekend so far! :-)