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  1. about 16 hours ago on For Better or For Worse

    After my mom died, I was a lot closer to my dad. He was never one for open displays of affection, but I started saying “I love you” to him just before hanging up the phone every time we talked. It took him about a year, but he started returning the sentiment. In fact his last words to me before he passed were “I love you too.”

  2. about 16 hours ago on Benitin y Eneas

    Good morning, Vagabonds.

    Rita, I heard one announcer on the radio mention Talk Like a Pirate Day, then I promptly forgot. I did your quiz, and I am “Dirty Anne Cash”. And Michael is “Iron William Flint”. Some of those questions and answers were priceless.

    I did get up into Orange County yesterday. It was too early for Mamma Cozza’s though. Darn. Coming home I decided to go South to San Juan Capistrano and East across the Ortega Highway. (A nice twisty road.) The GPS disagreed. From North Orange County all the way to the SJC city limit she kept trying to get me to turn around and go back the Northern route. Finally, just about the time I was looking forward to her fracturing “Junipero Serra Road”, she changed her mind and told me to get onto the Ortega.

    It is overcast and cool again this morning, about 65. The forecast is for 78, but after the past few days of well over 80, we’ll see.

    Everyone have a blessed day.

  3. about 16 hours ago on Gaturro

    Gaturro Gaturrin lisps because of his pacifier. Gogdo is his way of saying Gordo. It’s possible that nosotos is supposed to be nosotros (us), but I don’t know what ojito could be. It could also be another Argentine idiom. (Ojo is eye, and ito added usually means little, but “little eye” doesn’t make a lot of sense.)

  4. 1 day ago on For Better or For Worse

    Oh, lighten up. From the context, I think she meant that they hugged and kissed when everyone else does – when parting, bedtimes, etc., not that they were scheduled and rigid.

  5. 1 day ago on Benitin y Eneas

    Good morning, Vagabonds.

    As Rita said, David, thanks for the reminder. Those poor people just seem to get slammed one after the other.

    Michael is in the process of removing the “seasoning” on one of his cast iron skillets. It had started to get patchy and was actually rusting in one spot. He’s been at it for a half hour and is panting like he’s been running. It’s a good thing the re-seasoning is an easy process because this prep is killing him.

    The forecast is again around 80, but after yesterday I wouldn’t be surprised to see it up near 90 again.

    I am thinking about driving up into Orange County today. There’s a few things I would like to see again from my childhood. And I could get a Mamma Cozza’s pizza to bring home!

    Everyone have a blessed day.

  6. 1 day ago on Gaturro

    Gaturro NIK seems to use a lot of idiomatic Argentine Spanish. Perhaps (since Gaturro is holding up an electric razor) he’s saying “with this” or “with a razor”.

  7. 1 day ago on Gaturro

    If you use the “Last 7” function, go back to week 59. Kit’s internal dialog: Is Dad unhappy about me going on alone? It’s not like him, he’s all for adventure! Did he mean…on my own for…for, like…forever!? Does a Phantom know when his time is up? Is that why I’m going to this school? To learn Phantom skills he won’t be here to teach me?! It all makes sense now! I had to go away somewhere far! So even Guran can’t find me!! No contact with home? For Years!? It’s so I won’t even know Dad’s fate while I’m here! So I won’t even try to be the 22nd Phantom before I’m ready!! Mom doesn’t know this ploy! No way! It’s all him!!

    Then he goes out to his dad and says: Hey Dad, about the map? You’re right, let’s go over it again. I really need your help on that! I’m tall now, but I’m not you! I could never be you.

    Back to his internal musings: Whoa! My imagination ran wild tonight! I’m just a kid going off to school! Like a million other kids! The air’s so thin up here! I got confused! Dad’s the Phantom! When I see home again, he’ll still be the Phantom! That took us from 8/5 to 8/10/16.

  8. 2 days ago on Benitin y Eneas

    The forecast was for 80. It got up to 89. It was the first time we have turned on the AC here.

  9. 3 days ago on For Better or For Worse

    Maybe in another year or so.

  10. 3 days ago on Benitin y Eneas

    Good morning, Vagabonds.

    It’s gonna be one of “those” mornings. I went to my start screen to pull up the weather forecast and hit “shut down” instead. So now I have to retype the comment I had already started. Sheesh!

    Mark, the only time I stand up and scream is when I am in the stadium at a ball game. We went to a game at Dodger stadium once where the Dodgers overcame an 8 run deficit in the ninth inning and won the game. I screamed myself hoarse and couldn’t talk the next day.

    Arye, there were reasons you were planning to move permanently to Miami, and reasons you have decided to keep your New York apartment. Only you can decide which is more important or more pressing.

    It’s a quiet day around here. The week-enders have all gone home and the “permanent” residents are recovering from the week-end.

    And now the weather forecast, without another shut-down: The high is supposed to be 80 and sunny, and it is currently 59 and overcast. Yesterday was only supposed to be 79 and got up to 83, so we’ll see.

    Everyone have a blessed day.