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  1. theTimo commented on Pickles 11 months ago

    Women, if you start fixin’ something for them, they just complain you being muddy.

  2. theTimo commented on Moderately Confused 11 months ago

    Back in the 1970’s there were no helmets for hockey nor cycling. Certainly not for football (soccer).

    Inter-continental confusion, I’d say. Purely.

  3. theTimo commented on Tarzan 11 months ago

    The machine gun doesn’t seem to have any ammo. But who cares?

  4. theTimo commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz 12 months ago

    This right-/left handing conclusions are just so ridiculous every time they appear.

    I hold my hockey stick the same way the nephew #1 seems to hold his golf club. Left hand lower. But I do the writing with my right hand and use computer mouse with my left hand. So I’d probably shoot someone with my right hand.

    If I were questioned when playing hockey, I’d get away with the murder quite easily?

  5. theTimo commented on Tarzan about 1 year ago

    And the turret’s also working? And the shells are intact? Not?

  6. theTimo commented on Viivi & Wagner about 1 year ago

    Hungry Wagner and an egg. I wonder…

  7. theTimo commented on Moderately Confused about 1 year ago

    The strip is called ‘Moderately confused’, right? It could also mean us readers… Couldn’t it?

  8. theTimo commented on Tarzan about 1 year ago

    He shouts against the storm. His friends surely hear him? But jungle animals happily sacrifice themselves for Tarzan, no doubt.

  9. theTimo commented on Tarzan about 1 year ago

    Suddenly Tarzan knows nothing of the desert and the giraffes and behaves like an enthusiast child. No responsibility what so ever…

  10. theTimo commented on Speed Bump about 1 year ago

    Do long hours have 180 minutes or more?