Feb 6, 2016
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Pig: Excuse me, sir. Why is Wendy's closed? I need my favorite burger.
Employee: We lost our best security guard, Fred.
Pig: So?
Employee: So until we find another guy as good as Fred we just can't re-open.
Pig; But what's so valuable that you need a security guard?
Employee: Well, if you must know, we have some very valuable reams of paper.
Pig: For what?
Employee: TO keep track of our nuclear fission experiments. We do that here, too.
Pig: So what does all that mean?
Employee: It means no burgers for you. Unless you want to be security guard.
Pig: Wendy's, let me in. I want to be your fred, I want to guard your reams and fissions!
Pastis: Baby, I was born to pun.
Feb 8, 2016
Small u 201701251613

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