Dec 5, 2015
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Pig: Hey there, Goat. Welcome to my new museum.
Goat; What's in it?
Pig: Step around these boxes and I'll show you.
Goat: What is it?
Pig: A sculpture of a bird's head.
Goat: And this?
Pig: A turtle eating lettuce.
Goat: A wolf howling?
Pig: Yup.
Goat: What's this one?
Pig: A square-headed dog begging for food.
Goat: And that?
Pig: A moray eel rising out of his cave to eat.
Goat: Well, thank you, Pig... It was nice seeing-
Goat; You think you're so clever.
Pastis: Nine states. Name 'em all.
Pig: I only see a bird's head.
Dec 7, 2015
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