Jun 27, 1998
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Peppermint Patty: Here's a great camp we can go to, Marcie.

Marcie: I'm not going to camp this year.. I'm going to stay home and take violin lessons..

Peppermint Patty: You're going to WHAT?

Marcie: I've always wanted to play the violin..

Peppermint Patty: You'd give up swimming, riding, archery and canoeing for playing the violin?

Marcie: You can't play Brahms on a canoe paddle, Sir..

Peppermint Patty: Check this out Chuck.. Great looking camp, huh?

Charlie: I'm not sure I'm going to camp this year..

Peppermint Patty: Oh, Sure! Can't play Brahms on a canoe paddle, huh?

Charlie: I never know what anyone's talking about..
Jun 29, 1998
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