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By Charles Schulz
Apr 12, 1997
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Charlie Brown ties a string to his kite. Lucy watches and asks, "Do you need any help?" Charlie Brown replies, "Sure . . Thank you . ."<BR><BR> Lucy and Charlie Brown hold the kite. Charlie Brown says, "Your job will be to hold the kite . ."<BR><BR> Lucy asks, "Does my job have a title?"<BR><BR> Charlie Brown walks and unravels the string. He says, "Call yourself anything you want . . . Just let go of the kite after I start running . ."<BR><BR> Lucy holds the kite and says, "I can be the 'Kite assistant' . . ."<BR><BR> Lucy continues, "Or maybe 'Head kite assistant' . . Or even 'Chief kite assistant' . ."<BR><BR> The string tightens up and Lucy holds the kite. The kite rips.<BR><BR> Lucy holds the torn kite. Charlie Brown pounds on the ground. Lucy says, "How about 'Ex kite assistant fourth class'?" Charlie Brown says, "I can't stand it! I just can't stand it!"<BR><BR>
Apr 14, 1997
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