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By Charles Schulz
Sep 11, 1982
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Marcie stands in the clearing holding a football.  She asks,"I'm ready...the ball's ready...are you ready?"  Peppermint Patty replies,"Yes, Marcie, I'm ready! I've been ready for twenty minutes!"<BR><BR> Marcie asks,"Do footballs mind being kicked sir? Do you think it causes them to be traumatized?"<BR><BR> Peppermint Patty replies,"Please, Marcie....just kick the ball?"<BR><BR> Marcie kicks the ball and her shoe flies off.  She points to her shoe and says,"Look what happened, sir...I kicked the ball, and my shoe came off!"<BR><BR> The football rests atop Marcie's shoe and she laughs saying,"And now look what happened, sir! Hee Hee! I accidentally tied my shoe with the laces on the football!"<BR><BR> She turns her head and says,"Is that my mother calling me? It must be suppertime."<BR><BR> She hops off on one leg with the football still tied to the shoe of the other.  She says,"I guess I'll just have to hop all the way home."<BR><BR> Peppermint Patty shouts,"I hate playing with you, Marcie!!"<BR><BR>
Sep 13, 1982
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