Jan 17, 1970
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Lucy walks, smiling. She hears music.<BR><BR> Frieda is leaning against the piano as Shroeder plays. Lucy demands, "What are you doing here?"<BR><BR> Frieda says, "Who wants to know?  Maybe I just like music!"<BR><BR> Lucy sits next to Frieda, leaning up against the piano: "Do you like Beethoven?" she asks.<BR><BR> Shroeder plays. "What?" Lucy says, "If you're going to hang around here, you've got to like Beethoven..."<BR><BR> Frieda says, "All right, but I'll just have a small glass." Shroeoder looks out and stops playing.<BR><BR> KLUNK! Shroeder stands up and whisks the piano away. The girls land flat on their backs.<BR><BR> Lucy and Frieda lie on the floor. Lucy announces, "You blew it, kid!"<BR><BR>
Jan 19, 1970
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