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By Charles Schulz
Aug 17, 1963
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Lucy looks at a bubble gum card.  Charlie Brown says, "Joe Shlabotnik?"<BR><BR> Lucy shows the card to Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown says, "Really?"<BR><BR> Charlie Brown says, "You have a Joe Shlabotnik?  You have a Joe Shlabotnik bubble gum card?"<BR><BR> Charlie Brown says, "He's my favorite player!  I've been trying to get him on a bubble gum card for five years!  You wanna trade?"<BR><BR> Charlie Brown says, "Here . . . I'll give you Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Robin Roberts, Luis Aparicio, Bill Mombouquette, Dick Stuart and Juan Pizarro!"  Lucy says, "No, I don't think so . . ."<BR><BR> Charlie Brown continues, "How about Nellie Fox, Dick Donovan, Willie Kirkland, Frank Lary, Al Kaline, Orlando Pena, Jerry Lumpe, Camilo Pascual, Harmon Killebrew, Bob Turley and Albie Pearson?"  Lucy replies, "No, I don't want to trade . . . I think Joe Shlabotnik is kind of cute . . ."<BR><BR> Charlie Brown continues, "  I'll give you Tom Cheney, Chuck Cottier, Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda, Maury Wills, Sandy Koufax, Frank Robinson, Bob Purkey, Bill Mazeroski, Harvey Haddix, Warren Spahn, Hank Aaron, Tony Gonzales, Art Mahaffey, Roger Craig, Duke Snider, Don Nottebart, Al Spangler, Curt Simmons, Stan Musial, Ernie Banks an Larry Jackson!"  Lucy replies, "No, I don't think so . . ."<BR><BR> Charlie Brown walks off, very discouraged and says, "For five years I've been trying to get a Joe Shlabotnik!  My favorite baseball player, and I can't get him on a bubble gum card . . . Five years!  My favorite player . . ."<BR><BR> Lucy looks at the card.<BR><BR> Lucy tosses the card in the trash and says, "He's not as cute as I thought he was!"<BR><BR>
Aug 19, 1963
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