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By Charles Schulz
Feb 12, 1955
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Schroeder: What've you got behind your back, Charlie Brown? 
Charlie Brown: None of your business!
Schroeder: I'll bet it's a valentine..
Charlie Brown: !
Charlie Brown: This is for you, Violet.. Happy Valentine's Day!
Charlie Brown: That doesn't sound quite right..
Charlie Brown: This is you YOU, Violet.. Happy valentine's Day!
Snoopy: ?
Charlie Brown: Here, Violet, This is for you...Happy VALENTINE'S Day!
Charlie Brown: I know I can do it if I just don't get nervous...
Charlie Brown: THIS is for YOU, Violet...Happy Valentine's day!
Charlie Brown: This IS for you, Violet...HAPPY Valentine's DAY!
Charlie Brown: Oops! There she is!! Easy, now...Don't get nervous...You can do it
Charlie Brown: This is for you, Violet...Merry Christmas!
Charlie Brown: AAGHH!
Feb 14, 1955
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