Dec 4, 1954
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Pig-Pen: HEY! Wait up!
Charlie Brown: Poor Ol' 'Pig-Pen'...I'll bet he could raise a cloud of dust running on a sidewalk!
Pig-Pen: Here, Charlie Brown..I've got a piece of candy for you.. Pig-Pen: Gee..I can't get it out of my pocket..IT'S STUCK...
Pig-Pen: THERE!
Charlie Brown: Oh, good grief!
Pig-Pen: I'll brush the lint off for you, and scrape this old gum off as best I can..
Charlie Brown: "I feel sick.
Pig-Pen: Well, why don't you eat it?
Charlie Brown: I will, 'Pig-Pen', I will...It's just...I..I...
Charlie Brown: WHOOPS! I dropped it
!Pig-Pen: "!"
Snoopy: GULP!
Pig-Pen: "?"  
Charlie Brown: Psst...Snoopy, Ol' pal...You'd better come home with me, and have a drink of water..
Snoopy: scrawl over his head
Dec 6, 1954
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