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By Charles Schulz
Oct 30, 1954
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"HELLO?" "Hello?" Charlie Brown and Schroeder speak to each other through tin-can telephone wires.<BR><BR> "?" Charlie Brown listens through the cord.<BR><BR> "Hello?" Charlie Brown speaks into the can receiver as he walks along.<BR><BR> "HELLO?" he repeats.<BR><BR> "Hello?" "Hello?" Charlie Brown and Schroeder walk towards one another. The cord slackens.<BR><BR> "HELLO, I say!" Schroeder says as he passes Chalrie Brown and walks on in the other direction. "Hello?" Charlie Brown repeats.<BR><BR> "HELLO? HELLO? HELLO?" Charlie Brown adds as he walks on.<BR><BR> "? ?" Charlie Brown is surprised when the tin can flies out of his hands and sails back behind him. He has walked too far, the cord isn't long enough.<BR><BR> He turns around.<BR><BR> He chases the can along the ground, calling into it, "Hello? Hello? Hello?"<BR><BR>
Nov 1, 1954
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