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By Charles Schulz
Nov 15, 1952
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"All you have to do, Lucy, is hold the ball...Then I'll come running up and kick it..." Charlie Brown explains to Lucy, who crouches on the ground in front of him, clutching a football.<BR><BR> "I don't know if this is such a good idea." Lucy says thoughtfully as Charlie Brown walks away.<BR><BR> Lucy holds the ball out. CHarlie Brown runs towards it.<BR><BR> "? !" Lucy whips the ball away as Charlie Brown rushes up to kick it. He slips up into the air.<BR><BR> WHOMP! He lands on his back with a thud.<BR><BR> She bends over him and explains, "I was afraid your shoes might be dirty, Charlie Brown...I don't want anyone with dirtry shoes kicking my football..." Charlie Brown sees stars as he lifts his head.<BR><BR> He stands up and waves his arm: "Don't ever do that again! Do you want to kill me?! This time hold it tight!" Lucy sits on the ground, still clasping the football.<BR><BR> "HERE WE GO!" Charlie Brown calls, running up towards the ball.<BR><BR> THUMP "?" Lucy is startled -- the football is still in place. "!" Charlie Brown has tripped over the ball and tumbles into the air.<BR><BR> "I held it real tight, Charlie Brown..." Lucy offers. Charlie Brown lies on his back and says, "I'm not going to get up...I'm going to lie here for the rest of the day..."<BR><BR>
Nov 17, 1952
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