One Big Happy by Rick Detorie

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  1. nosirrom

    nosirrom said, about 6 hours ago

    Isn’t a POP-TART the woman who jumps out of the cake?

  2. joearnold

    joearnold said, about 4 hours ago

    Reference to Creators.

    Ruthie, ponder on this one for a while. If a man alone in the woods speaks and there’s no woman to hear him, is he still wrong?

  3. Stella S

    Stella S said, about 4 hours ago

    James answers sound as suspicious as “I fell down the stairs again” or “I walked into the door knob agin.”

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, about 3 hours ago

    Looks like James is a bit of a clod hopper around candy. I see him dying in a candy related accident some time in his future.

  5. Ppyfss

    Ppyfss said, about 2 hours ago

    Morning Dazz. It’s a weekend.!

  6. Tom Flapwell

    Tom Flapwell said, 24 minutes ago

    Man, we can’t see anything different about his face.

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