Rovio's Angry Birds have rocketed from your favorite apps and into GoComics! Launching today is the new Angry Birds comic strip, featuring characters from last year's CG animated The Angry Birds Movie. Focused on ongoing stories and punctuated with gags, the new strip is set to sling Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the rest of the Angry Birds gang into green pigs aplenty every Tuesday and Thursday.

GoComics is a perfect fit for the fine -- if angry -- feathered friends (and their porcine foes). After all, many of the Angry Birds games prominently employ comic cutscenes. Rovio's stories pack even more personality into the cast, ensuring a seamless transition for established fans, plus an easy entrance for new readers.


Whether you've been toppling pig-constructed structures for years or prefer comics with a little extra plumage, you can crash into the new Angry Birds comic today.


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