Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Steve Conley's set to take you on a grand adventure through a medieval fantasy realm replete with swords, sorcery, and... sarcasm. That's the setting for The Middle Age, a new GoComics series starring Sir Quimp.

You see, SQ (as we call him) is down on his luck. Once a proud knight in a happy relationship, the aging hero has been reduced to a sword-less swordsman with a love besieged by dragons. That is until he pulls Maledicta, the Blade of Woe, from the skull of a felled monster. Now he's on the road to redemption. All he has to do is keep his head straight and his sword arm swinging as he contends with the sword's curse: it talks too much.  



Originally published in a stacked, print-friendly format, Conley's redesigned his story in convenient strip form for GC. The first strip is live now, with new installments coming each Monday. Join The Middle Age fray today.


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