Joey Alison Sayers Comics are now on GoComics. They're by Joey Alison Sayers. Coincidence? Not a chance. Wake up sheeple!

The Oakland, Calif. based cartoonist is known for her contributions to MAD Magazine and The Best American Comics 2011 anthology and is currently embarrassing politicians of the highest offices on The Nib. There's a good chance the title of this comic has something to do with the author's prolific name. We'd ask, but we're too shy. And what if she proved our assumptions false? That's a risk we just aren't ready to take.




We did ask Sayers what kind of comics she'll be posting, however. Readers can expect to see a mix of new and classic comics a few times a week - a "veritable mix-tape of comics," if you will. If you aren't familiar with mix-tapes, ask your parents. Or your nearest talented DJ and/or hip hop artist.

The comics cover a wide variety of subject matter -- everything from sandwiches to Minecraft. We can't recommend a Minecraft sandwich unless you're some kind of Creeper. We can recommend Joey Alison Sayers' hilarious comics, though!

Start your Sayers-led quest to quality comics today at Joey Alison Sayers Comics.


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